Carbohydrates, the very word that sends a shudder down the spines of many people when trying to get into shape. With all the mumbo jumbo out there leading people to believe they need to avoid carbs if they want to burn fat, when in reality it’s just not true. Here’s why…..

There is so much confusion about carbs, whats a good carb, whats a bad carb, when should I eat carbs, when shouldn’t I, you catch the drift… The fact that carbs make you fat is complete and utter nonsense. Eating more than your body needs to maintain itself makes you fat… FACT! So I am going to keep it very simple and clear this myth up.


Why do we need Carbohydrates?


1. Carbs are our bodies main source of energy for our muscles during intense exercise and used for brain function.

2. They Protect our muscles because carbohydrates are the first source of energy for our body, without it, protein from our muscles may be used for energy.

3. They contain fibre, and fibre is important for intestinal health and digestive function

4. They Make us sleepy/happy. When we consume carbohydrates our bodies release a hormone called serotonin. It’s known as the happy hormone, it relaxes us and it’s what gives us a good nights sleep.


There are 2 types of Carbohydrates


There are two types of carbs: Complex and Simple

Sources of complex carbs are oats, rice, potatoes, quinoa and noodles. These of which will feature in your SMT Flexi Menu meals and are slowly digested by the body. Simple carbohydrates include, sugar, corn syrup, honey, some fruits, these of which are faster digesting and give our bodies an instant sugar fix when needed.




You’ll hear people talk about and get so caught up one which are “GOOD CARBS”, what are “BAD CARBS”, should I “EAT CARBS AFTER 6PM”, but what’s important when it comes to carbs is a “GOOD TIME” and a “BAD TIME”, not the time of day you choose to eat them.

In our bodies, carbohydrates are stored as glycogen, and this is what provides our bodies instant energy during resistance training and intense cardio sessions. When those stores become depleted after an intense workout (A GOOD TIME) our bodies are screaming out for carbohydrates, so by providing our bodies with a carb source at this point will ensure the body gets what it needs asap, to refuel and restore glycogen ready for our next workout.

Carbs at this point will spike our bodies insulin level and will shuttle protein into our muscles, replenish our glycogen stores, so carbs at this point is winner, it will not make you fat.

Even if you workout at 7pm, and have a carb meal at 9pm, it’s no problem, the body needs to be refuelled. So that wishy washy information about carbs after 6 makes you fat is ridiculous. Time of day has nothing to do with it.


That being said, if you were to eat carbs, to much of them, at complete rest (A BAD TIME) and above your bodies calorie needs, they may get turned into triglycerides (fat), which will be stored in your body for use as energy later. Having to much of them will trick your brain into thinking it needs more sugar, and will heighten sugar cravings 10 fold.

Repeating this has the potential to over produce insulin production and your body to become insulin resistant which can cause health issues, weight gain and diabetes.

One of the main causes of obesity today is a person’s insulin resistance. One of the best ways to improve this is to improve your insulin sensitivity through resistance training and intense cardio workouts. When we lift weights or smash a SMT30 workout our muscles responsiveness to carbohydrates is heightened. Insulin sends a signal to the brain which then takes carbs out of the blood and stores it in our muscles.

So to sum up, “GOOD CARBS” and “BAD CARBS” are not the issue. It’s all about “A GOOD TIME” AND “A BAD TIME” for carbohydrates. Regardless of the time of day, earn your carbohydrates. If you’re trying to lose fat, eating a banana lay on the couch watching Netflix would be daft, but eating that same banana after a intense workout, would be a winner, yes even after 6pm.

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