Just to make it 100% clear, a hydrated body will burn fat at a far higher rate compared to being dehydrated by an absolute country mile.

Water is one of the most abundant substances in the body and makes up approximately 70% of our bodies, as well as that, most of the food we eat contains large amounts of water. A lot of people under estimate the importance of hydration when it comes to fat loss. Here’s why…..

Why & How Water helps

When it comes to fat loss, the key benefit to staying hydrated, is it aids our metabolism’s and keeps our bodies fat burning machinery running at full pelt, day in day out, and our bodies ability to burn fat is much much higher.

See, our kidneys are responsible for filtering toxins out of our bodies and is done so in water, but when the body becomes dehydrated, they can’t function optimally and the liver takes some of the load. The liver is so important for fat loss, as it’s responsible for oxidising fat, so we need to keep it working at full speed. If we become dehydrated, the liver which would normally be burning fat, starts to struggle as its picking up the slack from the kidney’s and won’t be running efficiently. So fat burning slows down, that’s so not what we want.

Our bodies see dehydration as a threat to its survival and starts to retains fluid as a consequence, and can cause water weight gain and bloating, when we do drink some water or fluid. Crazy I know, but that’s how our bodies work, they’re much smarter than we are. If you were to step on the scales at this point and see 3lbs up, straight away you’d think “Oh God”, ladies & gents, we’ve all been there, when in reality that 3lbs would be water weight from retaining of water, not body fat that many people believe it is.

Here are seven main culprits to why your body holds onto water:

1. Not drinking enough water
2. Consuming too much salt
3. Lack of sleep
4. Drinking in excess of tea and coffee
5. Stress
6. Menstrual Cycle (Women)
7. Excess Alcohol

In regards to point 6, women tend to hold more water than men in general, especially around their menstrual cycles. Up to 10lbs of water can be held during the week before and week after cycles, which can be a right mood breaker if you were to step on the scales and see an increase in the number. In reality, the weight gain on the scales would 9/10 be water weight, so never be disheartened. If you’re sticking to the program, you’re winning regardless of what the scales say :-).

The Benefits of staying hydrated:

1. Increased fat Metabolism (by miles)
2. Healthier Skin
3. Improves digestion
4. Reduces the risk of injury
5. Prevents unwanted weight gain
6. Healthier Joint’s
7. Filters out toxins

How Much water should I drink?

How much you should consume will vary from person to person, as activity levels, body type, gender all come into play, but I’d recommend consuming 2-4 litres a day should hit the spot.

Going forward, make sure you’re drinking enough water each day to ensure you’re fully hydrated, so your bodies fat burning machinery is working at full pelt and we are drinking ourselves lean in 2016 #DingDingDing #Winner

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