Here are the facts on the Matter:

It’s important to understand, that there is no way the human body can store ethanol (alcohol calories) as fat. That said, the body still needs to burn off the alcohol calories consumed, and will do so first, before it begins to start on any of the food you consume.

Alcohol provides 7Kcals/g which can increase your calorie intake for the day, especially if you go on a drinking binge. Most alcoholic drinks contain extra sugars and carbohydrates which further increase calorie intake i.e. Cocktails etc.

The only way you gain fat drinking alcohol is if you’re in a calorie surplus (eating above what your body needs), so if you’re planning on smashing beers and shots over the evening, you’re looking around 1500 calories extra to your daily intake.

After a heavy night out, it’s always the next day we crave crap food, it’s the standard, something quick and easy to get our mouths around…. This is a bad combo, as eating above what your body needs for the day will put you into fat storage mode. The body will do it’s thing, burning off the alcohol calories and any additional calories you eat above what you need will be stored as fat.

If you believe you can exercise self control, follow the 5 tips below and you’ll be on track all the way through your journey.

To sum up, the key is to stay in a calorie deficit for the day. As long as you remain in a calorie deficit (consume fewer calories than you burn), there is no way you can gain body fat, no if’s or but’s about it.

This is not easy as we all know.




With the above being said, it wouldn’t be a lifestyle if we couldn’t have a few drinks with friends and have a social life, so here is my 5 Step Guide to ensure we have a social life and still stay on track and continue to torch body fat week in week out.

1. If you must consume alcohol, keep it to once in any week period!!

2. Stick with clear spirits (Vodka, Gin, Rum), and stick with diet drink mixers or soda/tonic water (with a splash of lime is ok)

3. Have up to a MAXIMUM 4 DRINKS of the above mentioned. Having around 4 drinks, will still give you the positives that come with alcohol. A sense of well being, relaxation, talkative and mild euphoria.

4. The main reason alcohol will halt your progress is, for most people, is you’ll binge drink and the next day you’ll want to binge on crap food (we all do it). So if you think consuming alcohol will cause you to stumble, keep yourself accountable and don’t drink.

5. ALWAYS, ALWAYS make sure you you’re prepared for the next day with your food as not having your meals to hand is setting you up for a trip to the co-op!!!


Clear Spirits + Diet Coke or Diet Lemonade = 53-57 Calories
Clear Spirits + Soda or Tonic Water = 53 Calories (splash of lime with drink = 60-70 Calories)


1 Small Glass Red Wine = 170-260 Calories
1 Bottle Alcopops = 260-350 Calories
1 Small Glass White Wine = 150-200 Calories
1 Pint/Bottled Cider = 210-300 Calories
1 Pint/Canned Beer = 170-200 Calories
1 Cocktail = 320-600 Calories

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