During the winter months especially, it becomes a little more tougher to pick yourself up and get motivated to get yourself to the gym and smash a workout. Even the thought of hitting the kitchen to prep your meals, seems like the biggest chore in the world.

It’s at these times, you need to stay focused, always keeping your goal in your mind.

Let me tell you, that it’s those moments, where you kick off the covers, put your game face on and hit that gym floor for your workout, or roll your sleeves up and hit the kitchen ready to smash your meal prep, are the moments that change you, your mentality, your outlook at what you can actually do when your goal is becoming reality, you believe in yourself, you’re taking that 1 step every day to smashing your goal.

It’s very easy to let your motivation drop off, so here are my 5 top tips to keep you motivated on your journey

1. 2 Heads are Better than 1

Get a training partner. Having someone to train with is a sure fire way to keep you motivated and to keep you on track with your gym schedule. Not only that, it allows you to push harder in the gym, as well as keeping each other motivated outside of training.

You don’t need to train with each other day in day out, but having that additional motivation of sharing the journey is an absolute WIN WIN for motivation.

2. Plan your training

Having your workouts planned out, days and times is another sure fire way to keep you on track. Knowing you are training tomorrow, physiologically puts you in a mindset which fires you up without you even knowing, it’s subconscious, but it works, trust me.

Get your kit ready, packed and by your front door the night before, so you’re primed and ready to go the next day.

3. Meal Prep like a boss

This is one of the main keys to success for any lean winner and keeping motivated. Knowing you have all your meals prepared and at hand when you need them will only do wonders for you.

You’ve smashed your workout and you have the fuel your body needs to keep you on the lean train to hand. You will always, 100% guaranteed feel absolutely epic on the days you pic yourself up, hit the gym and fuel your body with all the right food. There is no better feeling in the world than getting to the end of the day knowing you did everything you had to, to keep yourself on track.

That alone will motivate you day in day out.


4. Music

YESSS!! Nothing will get you more motivated than listening to your favourite music. Whether that be the Rocky 4 soundtrack (winner winner that album), a bit of MJ or what ever music you find get’s you in the zone and ready to rock!!

Now, music doesn’t need to just be your motivation when training, whacking your headphones in or blasting out music from your laptops or Tv’s whilst meal prepping is also an awesome way to keep things interesting and motivating in the kitchen. Two stepping around your kitchen, whilst preparing your food doesn’t half make your meal prep flyby. You’re in the zone, slicing and dicing, believing you are part Usher part Gordon Ramsey, and knowing you’re on the lean train is a win, win.

Give it a go, it’s a game changer!

5. Always look at how far you’ve come

All that said and done, there is nothing that comes close to looking back at how far you have come to motivate you.

Looking back at progress pictures, looking back at your journey so far, every ounce of effort in the gym, every effort you made in the kitchen for the past 4,8,12,16,20 weeks will always, always, always be the No 1 motivator for everybody.

Everybody starts somewhere, everybody has a journey and a story. Your journey, your story is your own, so nobody else needs to understand it but you. When you’re hitting your goals, and at certain points through your journey looking back at it, will 100% be your motivation.

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